Lucia Caruso: Recommendations

'Lucia introduced me to the magic world of flamenco. I hope one day I can acquire her energy and passion.
Going to her classes make me feel happy and sexy within the stressful London lifestyle'.

'Lucia is a fantastic flamenco dancer and even better teacher! She takes time to prepare the students body before the dancing starts, pays attention to every movement of every student, explains the different flamenco styles and Spanish culture and gives her heart and soul to her students. Her classes are really complete and a delight for her students - from the starter to the professional, from the youngest to the oldest!'

'Lucia Caruso is a passionate professor and a wonderful choreographer. Her theatre vision, degree of exigency and solid formation in ballet are identified in her group performances. Presentations show sophistication and technical brilliance, with high precision. Dancers are disciplined and learn to love flamenco as she loves.'

'Your Flamenco lessons allow me to take on a different mood, to express myself: reminding me that I am not my job, my 'to do' list, all of the obligations that life places on a person.  You and your teaching preparation, style and skill has whole-heartedly welcomed me.  You both challenge and encourage in every lesson that you give.'

'She is not only a great teachers of Flamenco, but one of the best teachers I’ve had in life. Despite her strong temper, she holds a huge heart. And she does think with it. She can understand a frined just by looking at him/her and I learned to value people even more with her. I have applied to my life her idea of not caring so much about my mobile instead of listennign to a friend in need. She touched my soul and brought the best of me to life.
She is an example of human being to be followed.

'Lucia is open and friendly welcoming every new student, creating a flamenco atmosphere and teaching with great passion the deep love for dance. She takes care of every aspect in class: presentation, interpretation rhythm and technique. Her complete dedication makes each class an unforgettable experience!'